Welcome to Guhring South Africa
Service Box
With our re-grinding and re-coating plant in Port Elizabeth we refurbish tools to regain their original efficiency. This high-tech refurbishment is also available for non-Guhring products.
With our de-coating, re-grinding and re-coating service you can keep your tool stock to a minimum - thanks to our tool cycle.
Who offers more? Tools are our business. We know of no other competitor who produces an equally large range of rotary cutting tools, escpecially in carbide. We produce tools in all current tool materials, from HSS to carbide and from PCD to ceramic.
For more information please visit www.guehring.de
       Guhring Cutting Tools (Pty) Ltd
Unit 1
Aldo Industrial Park
Greenbushes Industrial Park
Gate 2
Old Cape Road
Port Elizabeth

Phone: +27 41 372 2047/46/43/38
Fax:     +27 41 372 2037
Email:   info@guhring.co.za

Our internet site will be relaunched soon with more details about our branch in Port Elizabeth.